Aquaculture Equipment and Devices

Years of dedication in research and development of aquaculture equipment and devices; namely, water temperature control, water filtration, water quality testing and monitoring.... etc.. Providing a toxic free aquatic life environment is one of our company’s principles. Apart from the dealing in all kinds of aquaculture equipment, we have a strong technical support team and successfully sell our products to China and Southeast Asia.

High Flow Rate Pump

Suitable for :

  • Fish Cultivation, Agriculture Irrigation, Drainage for low-lying Areas
  • Ornamental Waterfall, Hydraulic Engineering Design
  • Recirculating Aquaculture System
  • Any other high volume water supply and drainage



  1. Robust construction with dry Motor, dual mechanical bearings, impeller deflector, conform to waterproof standard IP68. It provides smooth water flow with long lasting operation.
  2. Light weight, easy to operate and maintain.
  3. With its axial flow and diagonal flow design, the low-head pumping provide a high flow rate. It is energy saving and cost-effective
  4. ALBC3 aluminum bronze is of high quality among all bronze materials, having both characteristic of anti-corrosive and wearing resistance. Its wearing against sand can be minimized.

Drum Filter

A high density filtration system for fresh/sea water aquaculture recirculation; suitable for mass sewage treatment and some other water treatment elsewhere.



  1. Special PP screen filter is used for the full range of drum filter; casing is made of FRP materials; resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
  2. Easy to install, operate and maintain.
  3. Large filtration area has good results in filtration.
  4. Automatic rotation and cleaning, the screen filter is long lasting and will not be blocked easily.
  5. The immediate removal of uneaten feeds and excreta can completely remove suspended particles and organic matter in water.
  6. High pressure self-cleaning filter, it is non-consumable, automatic control and energy saving.

High Flowrate Protein Skimmer

Suitable for aquaculture, large aquarium and live seafood wholesale temporary holding.



  1. Quick removal of toxic protein compounds and dissolved organic matter in water.
  2. Water treatment effect can be doubled when combining the use of Ozone (O3).
  3. All contact surface materials are made of plastic; resistant to seawater and have no worry on the chemical changes.
  4. Casing is made of PP plastic.
  5. Bubble generation method: Venturi vacuum suction. (good effect on combine using with foaming)
  6. Sewage (foam) groove: transparent plastic material, easy for observation, resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion.
  7. Dirty foams washing out device, easy for installation and operation.

UV Sterilizer

Suitable for aquaculture, large aquarium and live seafood wholesale temporary holding.



  1. All models are made of non-toxic UPVC plastic material; resistant to corrosion and UV decay.
  2. Suitable for fresh/sea water aquaculture, aquarium, live seafood holding and water disinfection treatment.
  3. Using long life PHILIPS UV lamps with low mercury levels and wavelength 253.7mm; lamp replacement cycle is 16 months or 12,000 hours usage.
  4. All models use electronic ballasts and operation lamps.
  5. Additional cumulative timer and waterproof control box.
  6. No special tools are required for maintenance.


+ Quartz-sleeved Quartz tube models

  1. All models use high UV penetration quartz tube.
  2. Suitable for whatever water temperature; seawater or freshwater are applicable.
  3. Easy maintenance: easy to replace UV lamps, do not need to remove the UV sterilizer or draining water, pressure-resistant to 30psi.

Patented Essential Trace Elements

Patented organic chelate trace elements, provide all necessary minerals for animals growth and development.



  1. EcoHealth manufactures marine mineral essentials by its patented technology, which are the most advanced bio-chelated minerals.
  2. The products are organic and ionized material, has a broad pH, salinity, and is very easily absorbed by the \ animals and assimilation.
  3. It can be applied to feeds or water quality control. It improves the feed conversion ratio, promotes growth, strengthen the immunity system and disease resistance, such that harvests can be raised.
  4. Effectively speed up the metabolism naturally and discharge harmful heavy metals. With additional essential trace elements, the color of fishes and shrimp are enhanced and the quality and taste of meat are improved.

Franchised In-Situ Inc. Products

In-Situ Company was founded in 1976, located in Fort Collins, Denver (United States,Colorado), owns the monitoring of groundwater, surface water, coastal water tester. Application areas include aquaculture, mining, flood warnings and storm-water monitoring ……etc. In-Situ is a leading online (live) water quality monitoring equipment manufacturers. In the past 35 years, we have been providing quality monitoring and innovative solutions to the market. Starting from aquaculture management to the characteristics of the aquifer, In-Situ Company’s products provide accurate results and can operate even in adverse conditions.

probiotic and feed

Specially formulated for the needs of freshwater and  marine animals in different stages of growth. Manufactured with cutting edge technologies, the feed will flow well and descend slowly in water column to attract animals' appetite and reduce wastage, High quality of zymohydroylsis proteins have been added to guarantee the balanced diet of amino acid. The feed is already blinded with probiotic bacteria and trace minerals which improve animals' digestive tracks and boost their immunities.


Application: formulated for monodon, vannamei, rosenbergii,

groupers, sea brass, trouts, salmon, eels and sturgeon in different stages.




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